N5.5 needs more resources on Mac?


I feel like Nuendo needs more resources or reacts even slower than v5. Does anybody feel the same?


hi antonio,

i´ve seen you are using nearly the same system as i do.

i think you could be right, i feel the N5.5 needs more RAM as the 5.1 did.
I have big problems with the scrub-function. if i´m srubbing in the arrange-window the srubbed files sounds like damadged, not periodic clicks, crackles distortions . but not even on the same position of the clip. it´s sounds like audio-dropouts from wrong wordclock u know?

If i´m scrubbing in the editor-window the sound is ok!

can u confirm this problem?

i´m Using MacPro 2,8Ghz Quad


Hi Andre,

It’s funny, but last week I updated my system changing the processor to an unsupported dual quad-core (that works great), but, although it should be very fast (benchmarks say twice), I don’t fell any improvement, so my guess is that Nuendo does not use the extra resources or it doesn’t manage them well.

About your problem, I’ve been testing it with a fairly loaded project and it works like a charm.

Did you try in a fresh project after rebooting the system?


hi antonio,

yes i tested a fresh project, a virgin project. i importet the tracks via the OMF function and the scrubfunction didn´t work as a i know it thom 5.1

is it right you changed the processor in your macpro?

Yes, I own a Mac Pro 1,1 and this is what I did: http://www.gearslutz.com/board/music-computers/493132-mac-pro-1-1-processor-upgrades.html