N5.5 Zoomed in Sluggish behavior

I don’t see any post on this and I’m baffeled … I have sreveral PC workstations and a brand new Mac Workstation and I see this issue on both …

When zoomed in beyond a certain point clip editorial behavior becomes sluggish. It acts like a ball and chain has been chained to the app… Grab 2 clips on adjacent track and try and do a split … makes me want to kill myself … only solution is to zoom out or wait a bazillion seconds for N5.5 to catch up with what your attempting … I don’t remember it being like this in earlier versions … I tend to work on minutia zoomed way in so this is a real game changer for me… I have not isolated anything that causes this … i.e video or imported clips …

Can anybody else out there validate this? Seriously this has been going on for a while and if it does not get better I will need to consider a new platform …


I have this as well, when dealing with higher amounts of audiotracks, edits and takes etc - as soon as I am in a high res zoom mode everything is absolutely sluggish. Zooming out till waves are nasty and preview-style again, and everything is fast again.

CPU at 5% or something, SSD drives… can not caused by slow system.

It is ugly.

Funny that this comes up today, one day after I experienced this too!

12 mono tracks of 2 hours length, no other stuff loaded -> and editing is virtually impossible.

All edits and movements of the grid (not the mouse pointer itself) are working in slow motion. And I really mean ssllloooowww motion. I didn’t even zoom in too much horizontically, just the height of the waveforms was adjusted with zoom.

Of course, CPU load is at some 2-3%…

I already had this in previous Versions, so no new 5.5 thing… Very annoying when using pencil in waveform editor!
But I could never work out what causes this issue, I experienced it in totaly different sessions.

Since changing my DAW in summer (Q6600 -> i7) it never came back again. (knock on wood…)

Yep, pencil and scissor are the “culprits”. It’s worst here when zooming OUT on a long session. The further I zoom IN, the faster the gridline follows the mouse pointer.

Noticing that the new 5.5.1 update has fixed these problems for me … thanks Steinberg …

Are there any details about what the culprit was?

It would be nice nice to know or at least please make note so we can avoid this issue in subsequent releases …