N5 and Focusrite Saffire Pro-40 question

Here’s a how-de-doo that I would welcome any input on.
Tomorrow morning I have to install the OS and Nuendo 4 & 5 tro a W7 64-bit system.
I know N5 will install in both 32 and 64 bit modes, and intended to install both.

On the focusrite support pages though, I see a possible problem.
On W7 32-bit, it needs the default firewire drivers installed, but in 64-bit mode it needs legacy drivers installing.
As I wish to install tpo both 32 and 64 bit folders, is there any way to do this, on the apparent need to have 2 different FW drivers referring to the unit.
See http://www.focusrite.com/downloads/saffire_pro_40/ where it says that

PC Users
This release requires the use of the Windows Legacy FireWire Driver on Windows 7 64-bit. Windows 7 32-bit users should however use the default Windows 7 FireWire driver.

(Sorry to post here, but the tech forum is missing in action since the move)

Don’t confuse OS and drivers with programs. On Windows 7 64 bit follow the install instructions for the 64bit driver install of your device, you can then use the 32bit and 64bit program versions without issue.

Hey there I have the same setup so don’t know if this help you but…

I run Win 7 64 bit, FW Driver is set to Legacy

Nuendo 5 is running at 32bit

So at least you can see that N5 32 bit runs on legacy drivers?

Hope that helps

Appreciate the info, and am now not at all worried.