N5 and NEK next update VSTs


I see that Cuabse 6.5 includes retrologue and Padshop. Will those VST instruments be included in the next NEK update? If yes, when will that be?

Both of those VST synth’s look absolutely fantastic so I’m curious if they will be coming to Nuendo+NEK users.



I should ***** well think so considering the ongoing cost of upgrades to NEK…

Timo, or , anyone at Steinberg,
Any response would be appreciated.


From what I’ve read it seems as if they’ll discontinue the NEK and just make it one big app again. If they do, then all that Cubase has will be included again. Unless they’ve changed their minds that is.

What’s very interesting with this situation though is that it highlights a “problem” with the leap-frogging they are hell-bent on doing:

If Nuendo includes all of Cubase’s features and plugins etc but shows up over a year later, then the only way to have access to the plugins/vsti’s etc before Nuendo gets upgraded is to buy them. But if one buys a license for them then one ends up with two licenses once Nuendo gets the upgrade. So then one either has to sell the license “at a loss” second hand or not have access to the plugin/vsti while waiting a long and indefinite amount of time.

But oh well, we all know this happens, and we all know it won’t change, so the only reasonable thing to do is to spend money one knows will be paid back for the work one does… unless of course one uses the app as a “hobby” in which case it sort of sucks only…

Can we get any insight on this question from anyone at Steinberg?

My guess is, there is a 99,99% chance Retrologue and Padshop will be included in Nuendo 6 / NEK… why should it be different than before ?