N5 crash when importing SOUNDDEVICES 664 file

When I import the Sounddeviecs 664 files, N5 crash.What’s the solution?By the way N4 interchange also can not, N3 can.

Strange, you would think that all Sound Device files have the same format.
We have an 744T and 720T here, and never experienced any problems …


Yes, my sounddevices552 file import no problem.If possible I can send a 664 recording file for you to try.

thank you!


Yes please.


Please tell me your mailbox.

thank Fredo


I recieved the files and I can confirm that Nuendo (virtually) crashes upon import.
So a problem occurs , and a crashlog is created.

However, it doesn’t crash my system (N6), and the files are availbale in the pool.
I can audition, edit, move, … them without problem.

Will submit the files to the developers to identify the problem.

Thanks a lot!

Hear your system (N6) can, I very happy. If there is no good solution, upgrading my system to N6

thank you



Just wondering if there’s a solution to this yet. I actually work with Nuendo 6 (Mac), and this is still an issue. Every time I try to import files from a Sound Devices 664, Nuendo “closes unexpectedly”.

The workaround for me has been to “clean” the 664 files with a media converter app, by “converting” them to new files of the same format (Broadcast WAV, 24-bit, 48 KHz, etc.). This works, but takes a lot of time for big shoots with lots of takes/tracks, and I’m depending on the integrity of this third-party app.

Anybody know if there’s a fix for this in the works?

Also, Mods… if this needs to move to the appropriate N6 forum, by all means please move it. I posted here only after searching for the topic and finding it in the N5 forum.



This was fixed in Nuendo 6.5.
But there are no more updates for N5 or N6 sheduled.