N5 just shut down

without any warning. not even asking if i wanted to change the project. it just shut down.
dozens of guitar takes had to be retracked.

emptying the recycle bin produced crashes, too when a lot of edits had to be deleted. but at least i got the opportunity to save the project to another file…

n5, win xp 32-bit, 4gig ram

I’ve gotten this, but when creating a new folder through the export audio dialog box. Attributed it to plugins (jBridfge maybe?) To test (if you keep getting it), use a project using only Nuendo plugins and see if it happens again. Sorry about having to retrack the guitars. I’ve had crashes before and had to find the files in the audio folder, drop them into the project, right click the file and select “move to origin.” Sometimes it works nice and in other situations it doesn’t.

Check your project folder… the tracks you recorded should be in there. All you will have to do is import them back into the project.

And if you record to Broadcast wave, you can import these at origin time, so all will be in exactly the right place too.