N5 video solution MAC

after long time of experimenting with different formats like photo jpg / h.264 / DV i can say just one word ::

only quicktime pro converted videos can make it run without a problem in N5

i tried handbreak/mpgstreamsclip and the same setting and there is a big difference to native quicktime pro conversion …

i used a 1920x1080p video and run it thru this converters and only this one that came out from QT7 pro runs smoothly in fullscreen and on intesity pro …the others have a shaky not smooth feeling

actually there is no big difference between h.264 and photo JPG / motion JPG etc which came out of Qt7 pro …every of them runs smooth in N5

i think its the solution for now …try …

For some hints how to convert videos for N5 have a Look at the tutorials of Stephan Roemer:
(I think there isn’t a link in the new forum yet)

Part1: Encoding with Avidemux

Part2: Encoding with Handbrake

thx …some interesting details …

i made a render with handbreak according to the tutorial and i find still that QT7 do a better job specially on fast moving scenes …with handbreak it still something not smooth in my opinion …


It depends on the settings.
There’s nothing wrong with encoding with QT pro if you have the license for it.
Works very good. I do it myself.


The smoothness of the video depends on keyframes settings. For some reason this setting is different for QT Pro and Handbrake, mediacoder. For QT I set it to every 24 frames, for others - every 2 keyframes. Works here fine.

Yes, that’s correct! QT gives you the best results. If you have it, definitely use it.
The tutorials were written to give people a free solution for encoding H264 video.
QT pretty much works out of the box, you don’t have to set anything and the
quality is better.


I only use Apple ProRes 422 (proxy) encoded QT files in Nuendo … usually 1080p 23.98 in our case… but they work great. Totally smooth, even when scrolling! (note I use a 1/2 screen size Nuendo preview window on a second 27" monitor)

Compressor 4 from the Mac App store will output these from any .mov, mp4, source. But if you want to input other sources … avi, mts, wmv, and so on try


This app deals with everything I’ve ever thrown at it … disks, weird video formats … all out to ProRes. Done.