N6.5 Input/Output question.

In the Track Inspector, if I select the Input Routing box of a Midi Track, a dropdown list of outputs appears. After ‘All Midi Inputs’ it lists two new entries, both called ‘Output 1’. What are they for? - I can not find them defined anywhere in my setup.

Likewise, If I do the the same thing in the Output Routing box, it includes 3 new entries all called ‘Input 1’ - what are they for and where do they come from?

Can anybody answer this? - maybe someone from Steinberg? Timo?


I think this is related to your MIDI setup, it is not a “standard” menu entry.
Did you have a look into the Device Setup -> Midi Port Setup?


Hi Timo,

I appreciate the reply.

It does not seem to be related to my Midi setup.

The available Midi Ports are:

RME UFX In 1 and 2
RME UFX Out 1 and 2
MOTU Express128 In 1 to 8
MOTU Express128 Out 1 to 8

and one entry for Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth

Nothing else. Nothing is called INPUT 1 or OUTPUT 1

Hi Chris,

we have tried to reproduce it on 2 different systems, but with no luck.
We will check further.


They likely come from a plug-in you’re using or perhaps an add-on which creates some new MIDI I/O possibilities.

Thanks for looking at this Timo.

I have noticed that if the current project is opened in N5.5.6 the extra midi Input 1, Input 1, Input 1 and Output 1, Output 1 lines are not there.

Not all Projects have the same number of extra midi Input 1 / Output 1 lines - some have just one, some have none; but none of them show up in N5.5.6.

Is there a file where these midi Input/Output definitions are stored?

I can find nowhere in any project where these Input 1 and Output 1 names are defined.

Hope this helps.

Timo - any success with this Input/Output thing? - They are still there after installing N6.5.3

How can I get rid of them? (they are not defined anywhere in any of my projects)