N6.5 views and questions

N6.5 Trial is now up and running here (thanks to Getalife2), but I’m finding it hard to get around without a coherent user manual, although I do like the new Track Visibility options on the Project screen.

It is extraordinary that an apparently ‘full new version’ of a company’s flagship product does not come with a full, up-to-date, user manual and fix-list. Apart from being essential for users, I’m sure it would be much appreciated by the Steinberg Support people.

In the N6.5 Update notes, it mentions changes to the NEK - How can we get to trial those changes as the NEK does not appear to be included in the trial version?

In N6 there was a MixConsole option to ‘Save Channel & Rack Configuration’ - it seems to have disappeared - where is it now?

Control Room: Although it still does not provide enough Cues Sends, it now looks better than the N6 version, but how can I get to see all of the Cue Send levels at the same time ( like in N5)?

MixConsole: There are still focus issues when controlling the program from my Control Surface: The MixConsole needs to have the focus before it is possible to open and close any of the Racks, so, if the focus is on the Project window, it is necessary to use a mouse to click somewhere in the MixConsole window before it is possible to open or close any of the Racks.

MixConsole Racks: There are still no visible Slot Numbers - it would even help if numbers were temporarily visible while scrolling a mouse over the slots.

For all Cue Sends open - Ctrl + click

Mixer configurations - Under the Configuration button???

Mix Console - Focusing issue (inc. Key Commands not exclusive to function - Focus dependent) is still sooooo frustrating.

I have installed the N6.5 Trial on a completely new Windows 8.1 test computer, and seems very stable. Fast and smooth.
But mix console and control room is very frustrating at times. Turn on and off Cue Sends etc = target practice to hit those hidden buttons (many things not even exacttly were it is indicated).

On the positive side, Track Visibility is exactly what was asked for, for years. Great.
The Track Versions are also a great welcome, particularly in Drum/Full band recording recording. Great as well.

That’s all so far :wink:

Got it - thanks.

That does not seem to be there. The Configuration drop-down menu lists: Create, Update, Rename and Delete. No ‘Save’ option. I’ve tried ‘Create’’ but that does not appear to remember the hight and width of the Rack buttons. Perhaps I am misunderstanding it.

I have not tried it yet but it should be good.

I understand the Track Configuration on the MixConsole now - I like it.

I’ve been using N6.5 for two days solid now and it has been completely stable - until just now - I closed it and then went back in to have a quick look at something, but sadly it will not launch again.

Apart from that there is some great stuff in there, although I still hate the MixConsole, mainly because of the whole Rack mess.

Generally, I think it is a good maintenance update (with some very nice new features).

It would still be nice to know what bugs have been fixed since v.6.0.7, but maybe it doesn’t really matter as long as I am not running in to any problems.