N6 Bug Fix List

For Timo:

On the 26th of May, in your ‘Nuendo 6.5 Announced’ thread you stated the following:

Quote: “Next to the new features, more than 80 issues have been resolved compared to Nuendo 6.0.7 (a detailled list will be available soon). Nuendo is still in the testing phase in order to guarantee best stability.”

So what are the issues that have been fixed?

What changes have been made to the dreaded MixConsole?

The idea that there should be no bug-fix list with N6.5 is a joke.

Why be afraid to announce the fixes? - all that will do is further p**s off the users at the very first step!

I can’t see any serious reason to move to 6.5
the only way to check stuff is to work with the trial. I still see they ignore my questions about it.
the new features are not that important and I cant tell what they fixed, so why bother?


Yes, I already asked this question in the “available now” thread, but was studiously ignored by Steinberg. Already the improvements in N6 over N4 are almost outweighed by the extra clicking in the mixer and showstopping bugs, so upgrading might just make things worse, unless I know that some of the existing bugs have been fixed. I don’t see that this should be a problem. Unless no bugs have actually been fixed. :open_mouth:


Hi there,

6.5 working here, no major bugs so far. Some things seem to be fixed (EuCon, videooutput), no complains at the moment.
Most of the new stuff is useful is you are a post guy, not my case, but all the new NEK stuff is great. Track versions work great too.

The clik fest with the GUI is still here, but I’ve been learning some tricks to avoid extra clicking, using keyboard for certain tasks.

Anyway, I wrote a post about how I got my system to be reliable. And I still happy :slight_smile:



there has never been a bug fix list for Nuendo for an initial major release version. Therefore my
statement regarding the availability of such list has been too hasty. Nuendo 6.5 is based on a new
development branch and got all fixes from previous branches. It includes all fixes done until Cubase
7.5.20 release.

BUT, some further issues simply might not appear (or still appear, but differently in worst case) due to
code changes in various areas of the software, related to the new version’s new branch (e.g. when the layout or functionality has been changed or rewritten, like the control room). This way, some of the issues seem to be “fixed” without actually being corrected as you would expect in typical maintenance updates. Those things are
not reflected in a fix list as they are fixed alongside the further development of the application. Therefore, an initial release usually doesn’t get a fix list as the development of new functions is based on a totally different branch.

You can have a look at the Cubase 7.5.20 Version History. Those fixes have been considered for
6.0.7 -> 6.5: http://www.steinberg.net/index.php?id=downloads_cubase_75&L=1

The Nuendo 6.5 trial version will be available very soon. A new maintenance update - Nuendo 6.5.30 - is
already planned.

I am sorry for any inconvenience caused.


There are some very important fixes on the Cubase 7.5.20 Version History list (like the ASIO Guard Dropouts issue). Have these fixes actually been implemented in Nuendo 6.5 or have they just been ‘considered’ as you state?

I assume that somebody at Steinberg does know what fixes have been done in N6.5 to correct the many issues in N6.0.7, so why not tell us?

If a list of bug fixes for Cubase 7.5 can be provided, why can one not be provided for Nuendo 6.5?

Given that we pay much more for Nuendo than the cheap-and-cheerful Cubase, don’t you think we deserve to be kept fully informed of all the changes made rather than just be given a suck-it-and-see update? - after all, it is supposed to be a professional system that should receive professional support!

The idea that we are expected to just find out for ourselves what has and what has not been fixed is actually way beyond a joke after all of the trouble caused by the introduction of N6.


all fixes of the Cubase 7.5.20 maintenance update have been realized for Nuendo 6.5 as well.


Hi Timo,

So are these fixes already implemented now in N6.5 or do we have to wait for an N6.5.nn maintenance update?

I still fail to see why Nuendo does not deserve a bug-fix list. If Steinberg insist that Nuendo and Cubase are completely separate products, why on Earth are we expected to look at a bug-fix list for a product we do not license in order to try and work out what may or may not be fixed in the product we do license?

It’s a bit like buying a Rolls Royce and then using a VW user manual to find out how to drive it.


as I said, the Cubase 7.5.20 fixes have made it into Nuendo 6.5, in its current version. Again, Steinberg has never
published a VersionHistory for an initial release of a product for the reason I have described. Nuendo and Cubase share partly the same code base, and sometimes (not necessarily always) the same fixes. But they have different development cycles, development teams and there are also differences in the code (increasing with every version).


We got one for 5.5.0:

Nevertheless 6.5 will be the first update since more than 10y which I do not buy without trying before, so let’s wait for the Trial and check everything out…


the trial version will most likely be available next week.
Nuendo 5.5 was a cost-free maintenance with the code basis not being changed. As of Nuendo 6
we will have new major release with every 0.5 version.


Oh really - what about N5.5?

If Nuendo is so different from Cubase please give us a Nuendo 6.5 bug fix list! - there is no shame in including bug fixes in a supposedly ‘new version’ release unless Steinberg is pretending that there were not any bugs in 6.0.7.

We all know that the real reason for branding N6.5 a new version is just to take even more money from us.