So, I started searching for a possible KC for INVERT, when using the EQ in N6. I went to the KC Menu and looked in the mixer folder and found this listing under EQ.

I wasn’t sure what that did. So I looked it up in the manual. I went to the search page and typed in exactly what I’d seen in the KC page.

Then I shortened the quiery to EQ Transition and got the same response.

Finally, I just typed in EQ.

Seriously (LOL)? :unamused: Who designed this “Help Document?”

I ended up manually looking for EQ in the index and only found info on presets and general use, which I already knew. So, what DOES “EQ/Filter Transition (Quick)” mean? Oh, and while we’re discussing this, is there any way to program an invert command for the EQ or is that NUAGE specific?

I’ve experienced this myself.

Not only that, they are not bothering to keep the manual up-to-date with changes made in the .x updates, so we are expected to fiddle about looking through an untold number of update notes that may or may not contain the info we are looking for.

A great advantage of having a .PDF document is that it can easily be updated. Not doing so is lazy, uncaring and chaotic.

Absolutely useless.

Nuendo is not a bleedin’ computer game - it is a professional tool that requires a professional user manual.

So, does “EQ/Filter Transition (Quick)” refer to some kind of EQ control via the Quick Controls?

The thing about any PDF search is that the search function is not intelligent. However, you could get the correct result here by typing "EQ " (EQ with a space after it). This will avoid results like “require”.

Also found the manual useless when trying to determine how to colour multiple tracks. Certainly not as described in the ‘latest’ manual.