N6 & N5 installed in the same WS

do you know, if it’s possible to install N6 in the same Workstation without uninstall N5? So that both reside in the same WS?
Thank you in advance!

Different folders, you can have any older version side by side.


Ok, thank you!

Is it possible, that the N6 install does influence N5.5.5 and the I/O config/driver, afterall?
When N6 NEK was seemingly correctly installed, its MasterChannel did not see any signal, was without function…
likewise the MasterChannel of N5, which was working 10 minutes earlier on.
ReBoot and switching about did not bring it back.
Recording works flawless, though, and Playback is normal with MasterChannel Meters flicking.
I could not check with the RME drivers, yet, since I was in a session ( and today I am off ).

Any ideas?

Big K

I installed N6 and now both N5 and N6 are installed on the same WS (but in different directories). But I haven’t seen these effects.