N6 not remembering UR824 Setup

HI all,

I just installed a UR824 in the studio. I have N6.0.7. Everything is good except that sometimes N6 will not be able to remember the Audio Hardware settings of the UR824. When it was working, I had assigned all four stereo MIXes from the UR to various outputs along with some of the Analog outs. Everything worked as advertised. But sometimes those settings get lost and when I pull up the Audio Hardware Setup window, all it shows is Mix 1 L/R assigned to every output and I am now unable to change anything.

I have tried rebooting the UR, reinstalling the driver and no go.

The only thing that I have found that works is rebooting the entire Mac.

I have not tried reinstalling N6. I’m hoping someone has another idea before I go this route.


Darren “I Forgot The Settings” Ingram