N6 with MC Control Question

I’m using the MC Control with Nuendo 6. When I arm a track to record, it works as expected. What’s not expected is when I’ve got the track and have disarmed the record function, IT KEEPS LIGHTING BACK UP ON PLAYBACK.

I’m listening to playback, I hit stop and the record button lights up again like I’m trying to re-arm it for an overdub or something. Is this something I need to address in preferences or something? Why does it keep re-arming itself after I’ve finished recording?

Apparently this is a problem with the Mackie Control protocol.
One of our guys found a workaround, maybe it can help you until this get fixed.

The only way to get round it is to create a new track and place that track above the current track (that is permanently armed). then the new track arms itself but you can now switch off the record button on the original track.


Mackie? Ain’t mc control use eucon?
Bye Tumppi

You are correct sir!

Make sure that in Preferences “Enable Record on Selected Audio Track” is not checked. It’s under Pref>Editing>Project & MixConsole. John.

I just checked it. It was not checked. So the problem is on the MC Control side regarding this.

This “Fix” is NOT WORKING. I created a track above the MIDI I was trying to edit. I permanently armed the track and it made no difference. Every single time I opened the MIDI track, that specific track would record arm itself. This is insanely annoying! Any other suggestions?