N7.0.30 update will not install. Has installer issues.

I just tried to install the 7.0.30 update, which downloaded successfully for Windows.

But when I do, I get an error message that the updater cannot find a valid N7 installer and says it cannot proceed. It specifies Nuendo7_64bit.msi as the missing file. As in, the file I originally used to install N7 which is sitting right there on the hard drive with the updater.

So, this is a bit anti-climatic. I’ve included a screenshot of the dialog presented.

At least 2 of us have posted about this, so it’s not a user based problem.

I posted here in addition to in the Announcement thread, just to make sure it is noted.

Edit: Added another screenshot showing error dialog even when N7 has then been opened after the installation fails and notice given. An ironic contrast, eh? :wink:

Well, I just installed the 7.0.30 update on a Windows 10 laptop that I don’t use for production. Same files that I used for initial N7.0.20 install and 7.0.30 update on both the Win 7 (fail) and Win 10 (succeed) machines.

This is the first time I’ve had an issue with installation on my Win7 machine, including the initial N7 install, so I think there is something amiss with permissions in the installer. And yes, I ran it both with and without “Run as Administrator”.

Would love to get this resolved. Thanks.

Updated info for Win 7 64 bit install.

Did a reinstall of N7 from within the Start Center of the initial N7.0.20 Installer. That solved whatever the issue was. Just booted up N7.0.30 on my main system. Have not yet checked it out, but at least it’s installed.

The Mac OS link is to the wrong file - not a ~500mb update, but rather the original 7.0.02 11GB installer. I wouldn’t waste your time in the download and install attempts until they acknowledge and post the correct file.

Hi guys,

we have now uploaded the right version. Sorry for the inconveniences.

All the best