N7: alter fields in "Add Tracks" by means of key commands?

Am I overlooking something or is it still not possible in N7 to alter the fields in the “add tracks”-menu’s by means of key commands or EuCon-commands?

Sure, I found the key commands (sent by my MC Pro) in the category: “Add Track”, and I make use of those a lot, but isn’t it still possible to alter the count/configuration/effect/instrument-fields without clicking them with your mouse? Why can’t we just jump from field to field with the cursorkeys, enter the options by means of “enter” and confirm them by means of pressing “enter” again? Steinberg made a good start (a long time ago) by adding the command/control-C,A or B-shortcuts but now, the time has come to complement this…?

I hope I’ve been overlooking something all the time?
thanks, Niek.

I would love to know the answer to this as well, as I’ve never figured out a way.

I’ll add it to the feature request forum!
I hope Steinberg has got a minute to implement it in an upcoming update!

Niek/ Amsterdam.

Huge +1…I’ve tried a few times to figure this out and finally gave up.

I always think that a simple “tab” will work. I mean, shouldn’t it??

Yeah, TAB is already implemented, now it’s just a matter of programming a couple of steps between the 3 “positions” TAB has at the moment…