I’m wondering why the “Focused” or “Attentioned Channel” collapses, as shown in this screen shot.

95% of the time, the channels increases in size relative to the non-focused channels as it should. But every so often, I get a problem with the channel collapsing and, on this current project I’ve had several do this. Is there some adjustment that I need/can make globally to make this stop? :question:

Anybody know what’s going on with this?

Do you have “Enlarge Selected Track” active? Though it says Enlarge, it actually remembers the last size used, so it could also be smaller.

Yes, I have Enlarge Selected Track" selected in preferences. There was never a time when I would shrink a track that small. Besides, even when. I’d stretch it to normal size, if I left it and returned, it would shrink again. I don’t get it.

That pref is really meant to be activated only when you want the selected track(s) to resize themselves. You should leave it off ordinarily. You can assign a key stroke to it in the key commands dialog, and switch it on the fly.

It’s kind of hard to talk about what you did or never did, etc., due to the extremely fallible nature of human memory. But, you can test it yourself though, for your own edification.

  1. Create an empty project and add a few tracks, any kind.
  2. Activate the pref.
  3. Select a track and resize it. Observe its height.
  4. select another track, observe how the first one changes, and this one it resizes to have the same
  5. height the first one had.

Now, De-activate the pref, do steps 2 and 3 and observe what happens.

Okay, I did your test. Everything worked as you would expect it to. I opened and empty session and added 8 tracks. The Enlarge Selected Track preference was already active so, the 1st track was enlarged. I resized it down a little. Then I switched to track 6. Track 1 became the same size as the others and track 6 went to the enlarged size that I had set seconds earlier. When I deactivated the preference, All tracks went to the same size. I enlarged track 1, then switched to track 6. Track 1 remained enlarged. But that’s the NORMAL, exactly what you’d expect behavior. So, what does this mean?

The screen shot I showed was from a project with 100+ tracks of various types. It started out with all of them working just like the tracks did in this test. Then it just kind of happened after a few days of working on the project. first the MIDI tracks did it, then the audio tracks did it. I did a global shrink and reset of ALL the tracks and it made no difference. It doesn’t effect the work, but it is annoying as hell!

I thought it might be in the template. So I created new ones. But it still happens randomly from project to project. Sometimes I’ll go 3 or 4 projects without it happening. So, I don’t notice anything, since it’s working like it should. Then I’ll get one that requires a lot of MIDI editing, which may have 3 or 4 “EDIT IN PLACE” tracks open at the same time and then it’ll happen. That’s as close I can get to a known possible cause. I’m wondering if it’s a bug or the system just isn’t wired to handle multiple MIDI tracks open in that state.

I have no idea what you’re saying.

What’s not clear, opening several MIDI channels at once? I don’t understand what you don’t understand.

You first asked,

I’m wondering why the “Focused” or “Attentioned Channel” collapses, as shown in this screen shot

and I replied. The next post is just vague, it sounds like you are resizing tracks as you go along, by some means.

My suggestion is that you spend some time to learn the functions and commands related to what you’re talking about.

I understand how it’s supposed to work, hence the question. If it’s supposed to enlarge the track, why then is it collapsed? There was nothing in my last post that changed that question.

I don’t understand why you think it’s supposed to stay off normally. It’s a great feature when it works. I’m just trying to figure out why it started doing the opposite.

Which I answered.