N7 freezes on project setup

I am facing a curious problem on only one of my numerous Nuendo systems. When I creat a new project and create an audiotrack and hit either play or record the programm freezes. If I open an excisting project and create than a new project, Nuendo will not freeze. As this only happens only to one of my Nuendo systems, I suppose it is the pc itself.
The pcs are all i7 windows 7 professional 64bit with 32gb ram and RME soundcards, eucon sw running.


Having multiple Nuendo systems, you would have tried to delete your preferences…yes? I find that to be the most persistent problem with performance and crashing.

Good morning,

I already deleted the preferences and created new once. problem still exists.


Your new project…is it from a template of yours? If so, something in your template?

Good evening
no, it is an empty-project that I create from scratch

Hmmmmm…It does sound like a computer hardware issue…hard drive maybe? Recording/playing and freezing might be a speed issue trying to write/retrieve data? Just guessing really. I hope you find an answer soon.