N7 improvements

Please, Steinberg, consider maximum improvements on the new window-handling. N7 atm is a no-go for me, tried it once again on the last project and once again switched back to N6 during work. These dozen N7-Icons on taskbar make it impossible to switch between different application (e.g. izotope) or other windows (e.g. for dragging sounds), it is impossible here to hide Nuendo with one click and get it back (completely) with one another click. It’s totally messed up. And all these apps showing up in task manager… Vexing.

And then, since I have to switch to one of these sluggish aero-themes everytime I want to use N7, it seems that my system is getting much less solid, video-performance is totally broken. But do I really have to renew my GPU or other components? Never had any problem with N6 and PT is running like a charme here (and it is possible to handle PT like ONE running software. Not like eight or so…)

Yes - the windows handling still sucks however you can http://windows.microsoft.com/en-ca/windows7/change-how-buttons-appear-on-the-taskbar

On my computer with my setup (Win7 x64) the window handling is constantly getting in the way. It’s incredibly frustrating. Only outdone by the usual silence from Steinberg.

We already have at least one thread on this.

+1! As I didn’t get an answer from the support team yet I’d like to chime in and say that N7 is totally unusable in terms of performance while N6.5 works like a charm on the exact same system. I guess that Aero (which I don’t use with N6) makes performance even worse…Any idea how to get the same performance from N7 as from N6?

The second thing I don’t understand is why the midi input from an first deactivated and then activated instrument track doesn’t use “All midi inputs” by default?

Thanks for your ideas!

Aero should give your performance a boost, instead of slowing the system down.


I’m on Mac, so it’s a different story but N7 has definitely given me a very noticable performance boost (when enabling Asio Guard 2)

Would be nice, but the opposite is happening. Everything feels super sluggish with Aero activated…it’s also not usable with Nuendo 6. So maybe the performance issue is not related to N7 but to Aero somehow?

I think Aero has an issue with your video card.


Maybe, I have two of these: Standard ATI, 1 x DVI, 1 x HDMI, 1 x VGA, 512MB

Hi Guys,

even with the new maintenance update I get very sluggish graphic response. I made a small video so you can see what I mean: https://youtu.be/h4Aow5lEOQY

Does anyone have the same problem? Thanks!

Hi Andreas,
I’ve watched your video and can see the lag you get.
I tried this on my machine and it is snappy. My video cards are 2 low end nvidia with 256 mg ram.

If you have a spare hard drive, you should maybe try windows 10.
I have at last upgraded my config to the latest windows and it is really better in terms of graphic performance ! No more BS transparency that prevented reading Nuendo menus propperly.
I’ve set the graphic settings to best performance and things fly in my experience.

Thanks, I guess I will wait with upgrading to Win 10…doesn’t feel like a good idea to me…I installed a better video card, a Geforce GTX960 (as I run 4 monitors) and it’s way snappier now although still not perfect or comparable to Nuendo 6.5…Here’s a video of that:


This is what Nuendo 6.5.40 feels like on the same machine…difference like night and day…


Good you got an nvidia for the better.
When watching your two last vids I can’t help noticing you have a faster hand movement in the later (Nuendo 6.5.40).
It is then not a real comparison then. You go slow with the slower and vice versa… :smiley:

Thanks for the Geforce GTX960 reference as I use 4 screen as well and I need a one card replacement solution.

The whole process for a fresh Win10 installation was too much for me. So I decide for an update from Win7 first.
I made an actual image from my Win7 DAW partition for backup. Then made the Win10 Update online.
Had only reinstall my asio driver (made problems after update) and here and there adjust a few user rights.
Only wav drag & drop from desktop to WLab doesn’t work, but it’s no problem, because I have saved the whole reinstallation of software, plugins, licences, GB’s of instrumentsounds … and stress.

All run fine on my “old” Quad-Computer, without lose performance (ok, latency checker show a little bit higher values on Win10 system, but it isn’t problematic).

I am getting the same lag as Andreas. I have a Radeon R5 200.
It appeared since 7.0.3, it wasn’t there in 7.0.2.
Cubase got the same “disease” with the update.
Hopefully we won’t need a quad-crossfire or something to run the UI smooth.

Hello E S,
First be sure all your peripherals are windows 10 ready.
I started fresh by downloading the win10 iso and put it on a usb key.
I made a backup windows image with the provided win 7 tool.
Installed it with internet on so it can download the latest updates.
Installed motherboard chipset even if windows provides his drivers.
Nuendo installer has now an online update procedure so I just used my Nuendo 7 original package.
I did not use the former Nuendo user preference.
I did not install most of the plugins and bloatware I had ended up with after years of use of my daw (I use more hardware nowadays)
I uninstalled lots of windows 10 software (games, news…).

Optimizations :
Not much except turning off some windows 10 crap (I followed some tutorials from the net for this)
I choose best performance for the visual effects except shade for the pointer, thumbnails, smooth screen police, show windows content while dragging.
I deactivated a few Nvidia services (like 3d staff).
I didn’t set the processor for background task (old XP trick).

Important : I set everything off in the startup manager except Eucontrol, Mc CLient and Euconstart wich are required for the Artist controllers. Quicktime task, Blackmagic Software Updater, BMDStreamingserver (blackmagic), Nvidia update Backend, Apple push, Dropbox… All deactivated.

I’ve made images of the bare system and the final one. Whatever happens, I’m covered.
Result is a much faster DAW, responsive & lean.
Might be due to windows 10 (I swear I see some improvement in the graphic system and overall responsivness) but might as well be the nofat diet I decided to follow for this reinstall. :wink:

Hope this helps.