N7 launch

Is this the first time that Steinberg are releasing a new version of their premier DAW,
without ANY advance info on what updates and upgrades it contains…

Can’t say I approve…

There is some info about what it will contain.

There is a lot of info on this forum. I am surprised how much info leaks :smiley:

It’s annoying that although there have been numerous N7 presentations, there is still nothing on youtube.
On the other hand it’s due this month, so it does not really matter anymore.

Some info has been discussed here, though and NEK users can expect everything from Cubase 8 to be included.

So far we know:

Bounce In Place
Wise Game Audio integration
ASIO Guard 2

Pricing han not been announced yet.

Here is what I found by searching:

• Direct connection with Audiokinetic Wise
• Integrated ReConforming solution
• Advanced project collaboration
• VCA faders for audio-post workflows
• Render in place / render export
• Post-production editing enhancements
• Vastly improved program performance
• Redesigned user interface incl. Workspace organizer
• New plug-ins, updated plug-ins and new plug-in manager
• Yamaha Nuage version 1.7 support – reflecting new Nuendo 7 features
• EuCon 3 support
• HALion SE 2, Loopmash 2 and Padshop now included with Nuendo 7
• VST Connect SE 3 included
• Nuendo Expansion Kit 7 (NEK 7): New music tools: New Groove Agent SE 4, Chord Pad features

Unit link On nuage doesn’t seem to Work in N7.
I have 3 faderbays and the button doesn’t respond.
Any solution?