N7 to Cubase elements

I’ve got a friend who has recorded some tracks with me.
He’s on Cubase elements.
Unfortunately we cannot import the Nuendo session.

What options do we have. There does not seem to be a track import either…

AFAIK Cubase elements can import audio files or CD tracks but nothing more…
In Nuendo set your LR markers, render your Nuendo tracks to full length audio files and give them to your friend for a manual import.

I have a feature request then:

As a NEK customer I would like to be able to save as a Cubase session, so that I can share my work with customers who run Cubase elements. It’s not funny to spend extra money with each update on NEK and then find out that it does not include every advantage of Cubase. :imp:
I don’t mind having to pay extra, but I do not want to find out that I cannot share with my Cubase friends, that’s just plain annoying!

UPSET :imp:

Cubase Elements is not Cubase…
Most of Nuendo or NEK functions are not available in Cubase Elements, so it seems difficult to share anything that the program will not be able to understand.
AFAIK If you want to share Nuendo projects with Cubase users, they should have a full Cubase License, no more no less.
Someone to confirm ?

I was just able to open a Nuendo npr in Cubase Ai 7, so maybe something else is up.

Thanks for the information.

We installed a Cubase trial and it worked. It’s an elements problem…
Don’t quite get why Cubase users can share with Cubase elements users and Nuendo NEK users can’t. :imp: