I’m not sure where the source of this problem lies. I’ve got a 3 screen array. One day, about a week ago or so, the center screen went dark. I tried re-setting the cable, but it didn’t come back up. The back of the monitor has 2 inputs on the back, so, I tried connecting there and the monitor came back up. Since then all kinds of weird stuff has been happening.

The screens still Identify left to right as 1,2 & 3. But the primary tool bar went over to the 3rd monitor. I unlocked it and moved it back to the 1st monitor. But all the apps keep opening in the 3rd monitor, like it’s the primary. Meanwhile, when I opened a recent file in 8.2, the alt/dbl click function to open send plugs has stopped working altogether. I hit the alt button and the Sus control lights up! I tried resetting the QWERTY KB cable. But, again, no change.

So I shut everything down, unplugged the 2nd & 3rd monitors and re-booted the PC. This forced everything back into the primary monitor upon launch. But as soon as I plugged in the other 2 monitors, the primary tool bar went back to screen 3. I moved it back to screen 1 again. When I tried launching N8.2, the app opened in screen 3, but the project opened across all three screens as normal. But the CR was gone AGAIN. This makes the 4th or 5th time it’s happened, even before this issue with the PC monitors!

I closed my project (which is based on a template) with a Surround Monitor, 2 Stereo Monitors & a Mono Monitor set up in my CR. But when it reopened, my sources were all unchanged but I only had the default stereo Monitor configuration open, saying that I had 3 more available! I’m sick of having to rebuild the monitor setup. Why does this keep happening? How do I get the QWERTY KB to function correctly with Nuendo again? What’s going on, any ideas?

Well, clearly that center monitor had something to do with it. The left port on the back, apparently, went bad. Using the right port, even though it’s the same, made the other 2 screens go nuts (blinking on and off, scrambling my icons on the desktop etc.). I managed to get it settled in the display settings and everything else in 8.2 went back to working as expected, EXCEPT THE CR (See screenshot).

Look at the mixer. All 4 of the Monitor Outs are there. Look at the Audio Connections page. Only the default stereo monitor is showing and it’s not connected to anything! Why is it doing that. I know this has happened to other users here. Has it happened more than once with you guys also?

So, does this happen if you close/re-open the project, quit/restart/reopen Nuendo, or restart the computer?

Also, have you saved the Control Room configuration to a preset? If you haven’t I would try doing so, loading a different preset, reload the one you want, resave the project and see if that helps.

Since you had issues with your monitors I’m sort of tempted to look at the computer as well. It’s almost as if something isn’t writing/reading to disk properly, as if something is corrupt in the installation or if a drive is malfunctioning.

It was limited to re-starting Nuendo.

Yeah, I did that now that I realized it could happen again.

Agreed. Each monitor has an analog input and 2 digital inputs. The center monitor just dropped out in the middle of a session. I’ve checked the cables. Not the problem. I checked the video card. The center output would send signal to the other monitors. So it’s not the card. That leaves port one of the center monitor as being the problem.

Switching to input 2 on that monitor made the other monitors go nuts. Switching to port 2 on all 3 monitors didn’t make it any better. Even though they all identify as (L to R) 1,2,3, I had to just switch the order in the display controls to 1,3,2 in order get them to actually function as (L to R) 1,2,3. I suspect this development came with one of the Win10 forced updates. At present, I’m considering this a temporary fix and will contact ADK on Monday to see what they suggest. With the exception of the monitor issue, everything seems back to normal.

As usual, thanks so much for your help! :sunglasses: