N8.2 Trial Version

Does the N8 Trial version available on this forum include the N8.2 features/fixes?

All Steinberg trials are, and behave exactly the same as the full version. You can update to Nuendo 8.2.0.


I hope I can trial it again.

I downloaded the trial version when N8 first came out, but it was unusable for me due to the reduced amount of devices that could be loaded. This may have been fixed in 8.2 so I would like to try it again before committing to purchasing the update.

Unfortunately, by the time i got around to trying the original trial version the 60 days had all but expired - I hadn’t realised that ‘60 days’ now meant 60 consecutive calendar days, not 60 actual usage days. Changing this was a very bad move as it is always difficult to allocate time to trying/beta-testing a new version. The old way of calculating the period was much better as it allowed us to test the product as and when we had some free time (The new way doesn’t bring money in any faster - it just annoys the users).

Just downloaded the N8 trial version. The splash screen still reads N8.1.0 2017 so I do not think it is the latest version.

In any event I can not run it because I apparently already have a licence on my dongle. So I can not re-run the trial.

How can I go about getting a retrial? - I am innocent of all charges!

You could do an update to 8.2 after installing Nuendo 8. This works with the trial license too. Perhaps you have some days left of the trial period…
if not, you can’t till you get another one.

I bought the update!