N8/N12 Firewire IEEE 1394 - Thunderbolt usbC compatibility


Ive had an N8 just laying in the corner for many the year, as a laptop guy I’ve tried absolutely everything to connect it, first to win7 then win10.

Im curious to know if would be possible to connect the DAW via thunderbolt usbC with a 6pin adapter, and if not Im absolutely open to affordable solutions (ARDUINO etc)

Many thanks.

Thunderbolt and USB-C are different… the cables are not compatible

What is N8?

usb C and thunderbolt, google it. Yamaha/Steinberg N8 DAW controller…

Thunderbolt and USB-C are still different…

What are you trying to say? There are no USB-C to Firewire adapters available…
Thunderbolt to Firewire is available in many forms, even as Thunderbolt 3 which is using the same plug as USB-C… Thunderbolt 3 hardware is not working on USB-C ports and after all…
USB-C is just the plug and can carry everything from USB2.0 to USB 4 and the plug is used for Thunderbolt 3 and 4

This mess will never end… I think…
USB4 is coming and includes Thunderbolt… well, we will see if this helps

now look. Im looking for answers whatever the protocol.
Please stop replying.

so what the hell is your question?

So, you just purchase, unbox, plug and play, Im I right?

I’m looking for developer point of view on overcoming the obstacle of outdated protocol on near 1000€ mixer 10yrs ago. If you have neither the knowledge or the innovative skill I see no reason to continue the conversation with you. I can suggest more suitable platforms for you tho…
As I also brought up the possibility of ARDUINO, I expect you to understand my openness to cross over from repairs in to the unknown realms of rebuilding the damn thing.

I suggest you read again my question instead of asking me to repeat myself.

Man… please learn how it works… this is a user forum for Cubase… hardware related posts have their own categories…

you tagged your posts with Cubase-10 and Cubase-9
and your initial question gives no hint to your intention

It would be better to ask your questions in a way that they are understandable and not in some cryptic language…

forums.steinberg.ne t/t/ n8-n12-firewire-ieee-1394-thunderbolt-usbc-compatibility/681166/8 ---- WHERE DOES IT SAY CUBASE? other than the sub that mearly suggests theyre related

I don’t know… it’s tagged with Cubase-10 and Cubase-9 and is categorized as “Cubase”…
and the link is just a link… it does not reflect any tagging

Changed the category, thanks.

The device was “cubase ready” specifically, thats why i noted cubase. It was the CC121 of its time.