N8/N12 Support

James, thanks for the offer! It seems that all it needed was another restart and then it worked fine on Win 64. The only problem is… I want to work on the Mac, not Windows. But I’m sure they will come up with a new driver version. Until then it’s back to 32-bit mode :frowning:

Aloha guys
Just to chime in on this thread.

For mac users.
C6 (64bit) n12/mac working fine here.


Now that’s strange… can you confirm that Cubase 6 is really running in 64-bit mode on OS X? By default it starts up in 32-bit mode. To enable 64-bit you need to manually set that mode in the program’s properties.

Does the control section of the n12 work?


I have the same problem :
No connection betwen the Cubase 6 and Yamaha n12 in osx 64 ,the motif xs rack vst editor also doesn’t show as plug in at Cubase 6 -64bit.
Everything working fine if i switch to Cubase 6 -32 bit.

They need to fix that !


Sorry guys, Ma bad.

I misunderstood the post and I had the ‘get info’
checkbox thang the wrong way round.

You guys are spot on.

Are you using Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver V1.7.0 released in Feb?

Yes. Version 1.7 here.

Got this from the Yamaha download site about version 1.7

Version History
V1.6.0 to V1.7.0

  • Now supports 64-bit kernel of Mac OS X 10.6.

So if the 'puter is 64bit and
the OS is 64bit and
Cubase is 64bit and
the n12 drivers are 64bit,

What’s goin’ on here??? Why does this not work??

Hmmm… that was why I was asking.

It’s is a bit puzzling; it’s working here OK and I didn’t have to do anything special to get it to work. So I’m a bit stumped.


Just realized that my mac starts in 32 bit mode by default.
So by holding down the ‘6’ and ‘4’ key during start-up
I booted it into 64bit mode.

Still nada with the n-12.

However the n-12 driver "identifier’ light still flashes 9 times as per normal.

go figure

@curteye: to switch between 32 and 64 bit kernel you can use this freeware tool http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/32300/k64enabler

The V1.7 driver now does work with 64 bit kernel but it still runs in 32 bit mode only even with the 64 bit kernel enabled. You can see this in the activity monitor. So it does run with Cubase 6 in 32 bit mode on 32 and 64 bit kernel but not on full 64/64 bit. Guess they did not want to invest in porting the driver to 64 bit but just made it compatible. I hope this is not bad news…! :frowning:

@jenks: we’re talking about OS X, not Win 7. On WIndows 7 64 bit it runs fine.

I’ve installed and all is working well with n12 and MR816, but haven’t tried 64 yet. Check this and see if it helps:


That does not help. We have the latest driver version (1.7.0) installed but it does not work with Cubase 6 in 64-bit mode on OS X.

There is an n12 forum over at Gearslutz so I posted this question there.

But my feelings tell me that Sundance is right.

If that is the case, I sure hope they fix it soon.


Aloha Sundance and Mahalo for that link.

Aloha guys. I got an answer. Not good.

A poster over at gearslutz named ‘N12Tech’ has posted the same info as Sundance’s post.

Seems we will have to wait to use the n12 in full 64bit.

Hope it wont take long.

yes, that is the same information I got from a German Yamaha support rep. It’s good to know that they are now definitely aware of this issue. So let’s hope we’ll get another driver update and let’s hope they are already testing this on an OS X Tiger prerelease version :wink:

hey there
my n12 and cubase 6 work well
Im getting long midi notes but i dont think its related

just to let you know in case you haven’t checked www.yamahasynth.com lately… there is a new driver that now supports both 64-bit kernel on Mac OS X 10.6 as well as 64-bit Cubase 6! Thanks Yamaha/Steinberg!! You can download the driver here: http://www.yamahasynth.com/downloads/drivers_software/digital_mixing_studios/n12n8/driver/

V2.6.0 to V2.7.0

  • Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver now supports 64-bit kernel of Mac OS X 10.6.
  • Now supports Cubase 6 (32-bit/64-bit).
  • Changed the system requirements to the following.
    Mac OS X 10.5.8 / 10.6.x
    Mac computer with an Intel processor
    Cubase version 5 or later when using the link function between the device and Cubase.

Ma bad,
Double post


and +1

The n12 has been workin’ fine here with the new 64 bit drivers/tools since May.

I am completely 64 bit now.
The n12 was the last holdout.
Everything works great. (Smooth)

I have also found the n12 to be very portable.
The n12 and my macbook (see sig) combine to make a fairly decent
live recording rig.

When needed, I borrow my buddy’s n12 and connect both.
This studio/live recording rig has a very small footprint with lots of flexibility.