N8/N12 Support

Does Cubase 6 support the excellent Yamaha N8 and N12?


bump – would like to know as well :slight_smile:

I posted this question at the n12 forum over at gearslutz and
so far no one there knows the answer either.

I’ll check again.

Thanks. I was kinda hoping Steinberg might know the answer.

Perhaps the N12 (and Motif) extensions can be loaded exactly as in previous versions - the documentation doesn’t say.

Similarly, Motif XS VST and external editors (hosted with Studio Manager) may run with C6 (32- and 64-bit versions). No mention is made in the docs or the blurb either way so you could assume that it does. Hpwever, lessons from the past tell me it’s not always safe to make such assumptions.

Ask yourself? why wouldn’t it work?

Because the extensions were provided first for 32-bit Cubase 4. When Cubase 5 first came out 64-bit versions were not available. We don’t know, at the moment, whether we need updates for Cubase 6. I don’t want to upgrade to C6 64-bit and then discover that I can’t use the N12 - this is the situation that pertained when C5 was released.


What are utalking about, the 1.6 yamaha driver with total intergration and extensions is there for both Win7 X86 and Win7 x64, what’s exactly the issue?!?

It’s hard to tell but I think we’re being told the N12 extensions, MOTIF XS extensions and Studio Manager hosted MOTIF XS VST external editor all work with C6 64-bit as is. That’s great news. I’ll order my C6 upgrade immediately.

n12 tech is on the GS forum in the HUGE N12 posting. he/she seems pretty responsive and its nice to have that. hopefully they will answer soon on this since i love my n12!

Me too!

So you don’t think Raphie’s answer is definitive then? :laughing:

He speaks with such authority and disdain for our question I can’t imagine why we’d need a second opinion.

ahahaha true

i miss george over there, the original product mgr for the n series, wow was he helpful off line

ok guys, let me put it as clear as possible:

EVERYTHING that you have installed next to your cubase version on Win7 x86, or XP32, will work exactly the same when u install C6, nothing will no longer work.

Both my MR816x extensions (same package as the N8/N12) and my Motif XS Rack Vsti (16x MLAN) work fine. under Win7 x64 with Cubase x86 or Cubase x64, Clear enough for you?

hm, what about Mac OS X? I would love to upgrade to Cubase 6 but there is not even a 64-bit firewire driver for the n12 out yet that would run with Cubase 5…! The latest driver version is from August 2010 and the driver info says “The Yamaha development teams are working hard to offer 64-bit kernel drivers/extensions to our customers as soon as possible.” … (still waiting) It’s a shame - Apple released the 64-bit kernel with Snow Leopard in 2009…

sorry, i don’t know about Apple, I am a Win7 fanboy

Probably because C5 for mac runs in a 32bit environment.

IMHO there would be no reason for Yamaha to develop 64 bit
support software (drivers/firmware etc) for C5 for mac till the C6 mac release.

Now that C6 for mac has been announced by Steinberg lets hope Yamaha gets a copy and will soon release support software for the n12/8 hardware series.

Well, there is a reason. While Cubase 5 runs smoothly with the 64-bit kernel (though in 32-bit mode) the firewire driver for the n8/n12 does not. Currently the only solution is to manually switch OS X back to use the old 32-bit kernel to be able to use the n12. New Macs are delivered running on the 64-bit kernel by default.

Let’s hope it’s a good sign that they are testing the new driver with Cubase 6 before releasing it :smiley:

Good news! The updated driver for Mac OS supporting the 64-bit kernel has been released! :slight_smile: Find “Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver V1.7.0” for Mac OX X 10.5.8 and 10.6.x on http://www.yamahasynh.com

They have also fixed the “failed to initialize” bug that appeared when waking up the system from sleep/opening the notebook which required you to save and close everything and restart Cubase and the n12 - sometimes even reboot the system. Good, seems like after only 2 years of waiting I can finally start working with the n12 :unamused:

Note that if you want to switch to 64-bit kernel it’s probably better to switch kernel mode first and then install the drivers. I installed in 32-bit mode and the driver worked only after I reinstalled it running the 64-bit kernel. Other than that everything looks very good and stable.

Direct link: http://www.yamahasynth.com/downloads/drivers_software/synthesizers/motif_xs/driver

Now I will buy the Cubase 6 upgrade and let you know if everything works fine here.

I kust wanted to let you know that I bought the Cubase 6 upgrade, installed Cubase 6, started it in 64-bit mode and the n12 does NOT work! :astonished:

Seems like the new Yamaha/Steinberg FireWire driver released this month does indeed work with 64 bit kernel enabled. However, the controller still runs in 32-bit mode only and so it does not work with Cubase in 64-bit mode. This has been confirmed by Yamaha support.

Cubase 6 in 32-bit mode runs fine with the n12. Here we go again waiting for the next driver to be released…

P.S.: I could not get the n12 to run with Windows 7 64-bit either.

I’ve got the N12 (and Motif XS8) working brilliantly with Win7 64-bit. Can I help?