N8 to N10, now Falcon (UVI) works very poorly

I am curious to know if anyone else using UVI’s sampler “Falcon” is suddenly seeing spikes on the audio load meter?

just one more detail, when I pull falcon from the vsti rack, the problems with the spiking go away.

I haven’t noticed any problems with Falcon 1.6.6 on Nuendo 10.0.20 on Win 10. In fact, I find it works better on N10 than N8. The general N10 engine works a little better, having inherited the work done on Cubase 10 for multithreaded loads. Maybe some other issues are going on with your system? Can you list your specs?

Thank you.
I am running N10 on a quad core Ryzen/Asus with win10 64bit.
using Falcon 1.6.6.
Opening projects that used to work fine in N8, and now they cannot even play back unless I freeze the instrument tracks.

That stinks. I’m having 0 problems with Falcon+Nuendo on i9-9900K (and other prior machines), and it is my MOST frequently used instrument at this point. I use it in EVERY project. So I’d be happy to try loading one of your troubled sessions… if you can create a version of the session WITHOUT any personal music in it (replace all the midi with gibberish, etc…) and reduce the project to the bare minimum that causes the problem OR give me a specific step-by-step recipe that I can duplicate your scenario and I’ll try it out. I am very dependent on Falcon at this point and if there’s a problem, I’d like to help get to the bottom of it.

P.S. I no longer have Nuendo 8 installed, so I can’t go back and forth. Just Nuendo 10.