Nagging elicenser screens at Cubase startup

Since some time I get these two nagging screens at Cubase startup:



The systems’ hardware configuration has been changed? I wouldn’t think so! who programmed this?

Annoying because I do have all the licenses on a hardware dongle, so really do not care about the soft e-licensing stuff.

People of Steinberg, please get that new licensing system in place, that would be great.

  • Repairing the soft elicenser does not work
  • Deleting the thing is not possible (Which files do I have to delete when I want to do it manually?)
  • Reactivation says there is nothing to reactivate:



It seems, your original Soft-eLicenser has not been registered. Or maybe you are using 2 MySteinberg accounts by accident.

Please, get in contact with the official Steinberg support to handle it.

Hi Martin,
Thanks for your reply, I can see the soft elicenser number is actually registered in MySteinberg and there’s only one account. I will get in contact with Steinberg.

Steinberg support did help me out

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