Name a marker while creating it?

Is it possible to get the keyboard focus to be in the Description field for a marker immediately after creating it? Something like press keybinding to invoke “Insert Marker”, immediately start typing to name the marker, and press return to finish.

Pro Tools normally brings up a dialog where you name your marker when creating them, although it can be bypassed if playback is active. I like that system an awful lot when going through a long session and marking out sections to work on.

Hi Dvoorman,

I believe I have a solution for you (this is what we do anyway when inserting markers on the fly)

First, make sure you have a marker track set up for your project.

  1. Assign a key-command for “Insert Marker” (FILE / KEY COMMANDS… / TRANSPORT / INSERT MARKER) our systems are set up to use F15 (for whatever that’s worth)

  2. Open the Markers window (CMD+ M on the Mac) and make sure the ‘type’ selector in the upper left is set to either “makers” or “all”

  3. Start playback / recording and click on the marker window to bring it ‘into focus’.

  4. When want a marker inserted, tap the Command Key that you set up and the “description” column in the Markers window will go ‘hot’ and let you type the name and hit return w/o interrupting playback or recording)

One note, the Marker Window has to be ‘in focus’ for this to work.

We use this whenever your running through a piece and theres someone in the room throwing out cues or ideas etc. and you want to jot them down without stopping.

Hope this helps!


Beautiful! That is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much. I’m editing a weekend long fiddle camp (11.5 hours or recordings) and this will speed up the process immensely.

Thanks again!

Hey Walt, that is cool… Note to self, must read the manual more…! :slight_smile:

Also, If the marker window is closed, but you have a marker track in the project window, you can edit the marker name in the info bar.

At any point, select the marker (e.g., using arrow keys) and hit shift-tab (or tab 8 times); the name field is highlighted in the info bar.

If focus stays on the marker track subsequent name edits can be made by simply hitting tab only once, as Cubase ‘remembers’ the text cursor location until you go to a different track.

This is on Mac, but seems likely to work on Windows too, since it’s a conventional way to step through text fields on both platforms.

Thanks SteveInChicago. It seems a bit more fiddly than the previous method. However, if I’ve made a bunch of markers without names and want to step through and name them, the solution is brilliant. Thanks so much!

I like it! Thanks.