Name clashes with auwrapper

I notice that I still get Cocoa name clashes between Audio Units that I create using the auwrapper. Previously, what I did was copy the auwrapper sources to my own projects, and make separate libraries for each project (rather than building a single library that all auwrapper-based projects would use). I had hoped that this would be fixed in newer VST3 SDKs, but it’s not (at least not in 3.6.6).

I see that there is a file called generateCocoaClassNamePrefix.rb in the auwrapper folder, which is apparently run as a script when building the wrapper project, and from what I can gather it does some kind of appending of the time of the build to the Cocoa class name or something. However, in auval, my new build still says it has a name clash with a build of another plug-in from several months ago. And the name reported by auval is “SMTGCocoa_NSViewWrapperForAU”, which obviously doesn’t have anything appended to it, so it’s obviously going to clash.

Is there some step not listed in the doc.cpp or auwrapper.h regarding the names of the Cocoa views and how to properly prevent these name clashes?

yes we found this issue too, it will be fixed in next update for now you can insert this into line 75:

#define SMTGCocoa_NSViewWrapperForAU SMTG_AU_PLUGIN_NAMESPACE (NSViewWrapperForAU)

just before this:
@interface SMTGCocoa_NSViewWrapperForAU : NSView {

Yes! That works! Thanks, Yvan!