Name controller lanes

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Similar to Logic, I think it would be a big productivity boost if we could name controller lanes. When you’ve not used an instrument in months then you load it up and see ten CC numbers, then have to scour the VST or manual for a reference to what they do, it can end up taking a long time.

But if we could just set some names this issue would go away!

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I wonder if VST instruments can directly pass their parameter names to the host (and the lanes). If it’s possible but not common practice among VSTi developers, I’m guessing renaming the lanes is the second best solution indeed. (Or THE best solution if one wants to have custom names for the parameters.)


I work with various Spitfire libraries which have 5-6 controllers for volume, expression, vibrato, etc. On my Komplete keyboard I can put named labels on the knobs, which is extremely helpful. But in Cubase there’s still “Control 21”, and so on, no possibility of naming the lanes which usually needs a lot of tweaking/drawing the different parameters to get a realistic sounding performance. I have been waiting for years for Cubase devs to acknowledge this feature as important and that it would be a huge productivity boost for composers.

I would say if you read the manual you’ll see that you can name your controller lanes. When starting a controller lane just start it with add preset. This allows you to do one or more controls at once under one name.