Name different parts in a mp3file?

Hi i am using a mp3 for a reference. Is it possible to name different parts after i’ve splitted it? Now when i try to name different parts in the mp3 all the others change to the same name.

If you place something on a track, this is not a file itself… it’s just a reference to the original file…

How do you change the name of the “file”?
You can name sections in a project with markers…

Cycle markers is the way I usually do it.
But you can also nest the file inside a PART, cut the part into shorter PARTs and name each with a different tittle.

Mp3 ? Does Cubase 11 support Mp3s?
Your mp3 has been changed to WAV or AIFF in Cubase.

Thanks for your respond.
I will try "nest the file"inside a part and try to rename it. Great this will be very useful for me :smiley:.