"Name field" rendering


If I understand it right, the “name-field” when rendering, is the name the rendered file gets on the computer.
But when I enter a name there that is different from the name in the name-field of the cd tab, I get this error-message (see pic)

Why does this happen? Why cant i name it what I want? :S
naming when rendering.jpg

This should work. Do you have any accidental blank spaces after any of the names or in the file save path? WaveLab doesn’t like that.


The name for the folder i render to have spaces between the words, do you think that can be the problem? (see the location box in the pic)

I don’t think spaces between the words are a problem, but a blank space at the end of a file or folder name can be. I would double check the end of the file name for an accidental blank space.