Naming a Song

I seem to remember there is a preference that when you name the song folder it also gives the song the same name. Can anyone help?

cant recall this…

why not simply rename the .cpr file?

Yes thats what I do normally-I thought there was a preference for naming the song as well as the folder

It’s more likely the other way round. When you use the assitant to create a new song, it will name the folder and cpr the same. It should be noted however, that subsequently using the ‘Save as’ command and specifying a different name for the cpr, will neither rename the existing, nor create a new folder.

Thanks BritHar I get what your saying Re Save as Ive used the assistant to create a song but it only names the project folder. the cpr remains untitled till I name it

Do you use the assistant via the Hub?

Cubase does not auto-name new projects at all.

Thanks Steve-maybe something for the wish list:)