Naming audio files

What is the conventional way to do regarding naming the audio tracks I render.
If I choose render - all regions - cd tracks, and choose “regions names are used” in the name box, I guess the files will be named just the title, since that is what my cd markers are named as.

But I noticed other song-files I had on my computer are named:

01 title
02 title
03 title


Is that the conventional way to name the audio files when rendering??, and if so, how do I get the numbers before the titles. Can I do that in some handy way when I am rendering? Without needing to change the region names (cd marker names)


I think the conventional way is to pad the file names with 01, 02, 03 as you note. WaveLab has a great feature called naming scheme that lets you add text to the rendered file name in various ways. The file name will be the same as the track marker/region name as you found out. Look for the “Naming Scheme” field in the render ribbon tab to add more to the name. I think there is already a preset called “Numeric Prefix”. If not, you can easily make one.

When a naming scheme is selected, the rendered file name will have the additional text added as you wish.

This makes it very easy to keep the Track Marker names only the track title so the CD-Text and metadata doesn’t look bad, yet have the rendered file names be padded with the 01, 02, 03.