Naming in Setup mode in Dorico 3 (bugs)

Yay, I’m happy to have downloaded Dorico 3! But Setup mode is posing some problems.

Clicking on a flow in the list at the bottom of setup mode moves the list of flows in some crazy way that moves the list. Sometimes it doesn’t move the list, sometimes it moves the list so that the flow I clicked on is in a different place, and sometimes this different place is not on screen at all.

In the new project/flow info window, renaming a flow takes several seconds to process, although that could be because I have over 100 flows in my project (although they’re all between 4-16 bars).

If I enter a title and hit enter, the title field shows a blank line. When I hit close, and confirm that I want to apply my changes, the window doesn’t close. (Perhaps if I waited the several seconds for the flow name to actually update, it would close then? Very possible). The title change did appear to work despite the blank line I saw.

It’s also very confusing/frustrating that the flow Title and flow Name (in list of flows) don’t change together. I suppose I see why these might be separate things, but I really wish there were an option for them to automatically inherit from each other (like in text styles where you can deactivate inheritance). The ability to rename (not retitle) a flow from the list by hitting Enter or Double-clicking it, instead of having to hit the rename button, would be nice too.

Also, deleting large numbers of flows from the Project/Flow info window doesn’t work, and freezes the program (though it could just be because of my large flow count, and it’s just taking a long time like the titling).

FWIW I have a project with more than 500 flows (typically between 16 and 32 bars long). I haven’t had any crashes using the new Project Info dialog, but if I stack up say 50 changes to titles etc on a project that size, it may take several minutes to do the update.

At least you can go and do something else while you are waiting, rather than the old way where you had to wait for each change before you could make the next one.

The window won’t close until all the changes are complete.

If you create new flows, I think the flow name and flow title do update together if you just input one of them, but after that the two fields are independent.

The bottom panel does jump around when you have more than 100 flows, but I guess with the new project info dialog, fixing that isn’t so important any more. Just use the project info instead.

tuzmusic, could you please create a screen capture video that shows the problem you are having clicking on the Flows panel in Setup mode? Thanks!


I was just writing a new post when I found this topic. I have a project with over a 100 flows that I’m constantly creating and reordering. Most of the flows are just one line (50 pages in total) and I’m having the same problem. When clicking a flow, in the flows panel, it suddenly jumps to a completely different place. Here is a video of the action:

I guess it’s some kind of bug.

I can use the Project Info window, but it’s a bit cumbersome if have to move (say) five flows from the end to the middle of the project.

Thanks in advance

Yes, I’m afraid there’s no way around this at the moment. It is indeed a bug, which is on our backlog to be fixed in a future version.

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