Naming of parts

Hi folks

Since I am working with Cubase I am annoyed by the way how all parts/events are named. I got a 32" 4K monitor and when I am working in the middle of the monitor and want to rename a part I find it quite weird to move with the mouse to the far up left to click on the old name to be able to rename it. Years ago I came from Samplitude and there you double click on an event and could rename it which is far more intuitive than the Cubase solution.
I would not complain if I renamed a part here and there but I do it all of the time to keep track of my processing and to remember where I got a sound from (I am converting from midi to audio a lot to save cpu). Or is there a possibility to do it with a shortcut? I did not find any…

Yes, you can consider using a Key Command – Edit>Edit Info Line will place the text cursor in the leftmost field on the info line.

But double clicking on a Part in Cubase opens the editor which I do about a hundred times more often than renaming Parts. I’d hate to loose that capability just to make renaming easier.

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Steve: Sounds good! You mean: not a Cubase key command but a general windows key command? I never created one. I need a guide for beginners please:-)

Raino: you can imagine that the Samplitude developers also considered that? I don´t remember but probably pressing “e” as shortcut did it which is not slower than doubleclicking. The track editor of Cubase could be opened by “alt e” then. Just a thought.

I am not sure if this helps you, but if you are naming your parts after the track name, then if you edit the track name and then ctrl enter when finished, not only the track name, but the part names all change


Zero: thanks for the hint but naming all parts after the track helps not, the parts have individual names like “bass intro”, bass chorus" etc…