Naming of Substitue parts

Writing for Wind Orchestras is sometimes a bit of a hassle because many orchestras have slightly different instrumentation, so often you have to let certain instruments play the part of another instrument.
An orchestra lacks e.g. euphonium but has an extra bassoon. Then it would be nice if there was a good way to automate the naming of these parts, both at the top left of the first page and the headers on page 2 and onwards.
For example. BASSOON (Substitute part for Euphonium)
As it is now I can resolve it helpfully on page 1 but not in the headers on page 2 onwards.

The only way I could think of to do it, is if there was an option in the Clef & Transpositions Overrides dialog to edit the instrument name that the current layout is a copy of. Or is there some way to do this that I’ve missed?
If not, this would be a very much appreciated addition in a future update.

I think I’ve solved it now by just edit the Layout title.

Yes, just use the {@layoutname@} token in the appropriate text box of that Layout and it will update to whatever your Layout name is.

@Matshall, glad you got it squared away. For the benefits of others, here is a great resource regarding alternate parts from the good people at Scoring Notes: