naming tracks after audio files names

Hello, maybe somebody knows this and can help.

If I import audio files to empty project I get the track names automatically written same like audio file names.

But if I already have multiple empty audio tracks and import audio files on them the track names dont change. I have ot do it manually.

Is there some option to check so this can be done automatically to save time for typing them again.

Its handy if you have templates for mixing for example.


I haven’t found an option in settings, but my workaround is to create a midi track at the bottom of the project and select that track before importing the files. Nuendo then places the files on new tracks and names them as per the file name. Not perfect but maybe it helps…

I see, the thing is, I have created template for mixing and have plugins on those channels, so I dont want to create new channels. I just want the names from files to go to existing track names automatically. If you drop files to empty project then they are named accordingly but not to the existing ones. Seems like a cool option to have tho.