Naming Tracks

I want to name a track(say kick)as well as in the track name,aslo in the mixer,and on the actual midi part.
currently i have to do all 3 separatly.Isthere a way to name just once,and it automatically mames the mixer channel and the midi part?

not that i know. but good point! It would be also usefull if your backgroundsingers 20 channels can be named with the same Strg behaviour as you can do with outputs etc. :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe automaticially

you could also select a midi, audio and vst channel and call it

and dont forget how great it would be to put them all into one plugin set preset that you can load on the fly…

IIRC holding “alt” or “strg” after while pressing enter after renaming the track in the track list will also change the MIDI part names… cant test it though at the moment

Isn’t this just about remembering to name a new track BEFORE you record anything on it?

I would prefer being able to set up naming templates for audio tracks, like:

I manually edited the names for all the files in our CD like this (in the pool), and it enabled me to get to old takes several times after inadvertent edits or crashes over the 15 months it took.

But then, I also saved the session after each take and saved the .cpr files with the same as above, except the track info.

It is certainly easier to find particular files if the filenames contain the details, rather than having to open them and listen offline!

MIDI is all in the .cpr file, so there are no separate files to name.

You could use Logical editor to do all the work for you. And easy. :slight_smile:
I’ll post later the commands for that.