Nano2 keyboard on Cubase 6.5 --working for 32 and 64 bit?

Can i see what Korg Midi USB version ( 32 or 64 bit) midi driver i use in Cubase 64 bit ?
I have some trouble in a another composer with the nano2 keyboard…cannot getting there to work

The makers of the the composer software claiming that these difficulties with the nano2 driver must also come up in a another DAW(s)
So i tested the nano2 keyboardcontroller here inCubase and for 64 bit the nano2 is working ( i don’t know what the korg midi usb driver is)…how to get this?

Now i can only install a 32 bit version of Cubase and look if the nano2 is working here

Driver depend on the OS.

Not easy to understand exactly what you are saying.

You can Google korg midi usb driver to find these…but if you are installing the nano2 driver I’d imagine this is the same thing…and even if you didn’t install anything, I think the standard windows usb midi driver should work.

And as Thinkingcap says…Any device driver should match the o/s, not the Cubase version.

Driver depend on the OS.

Thanks all! , sorry for the formulation of the problem, next time i will do more my best in clearity

Yes i found out that windows 7 cannot handle this… on mac it is no problem
It is crap… windows 7 pro professional 64 bit for music making