nanoKontrol Remote - Focus QC changing Track not VSTi paramaters

I waited to explore MIDI Remote so there would be some experts around.

I’m trying to get my nanoKontrol working using the stock Script that came with Cubase. In general this works as expected. However when I select Padshop to set the focus there, the MIDI Remote display shows the focus shifting to Padshop but when I move the knobs the Padshop’s QC don’t change, but the Track’s QC values do change. I’m guessing I’ve failed to enable something.

The Mapping Page is set to Selected Track and the Quick Control Focus Setup is set to Track and Plug-in Window Focus but this issue still occurs even when it is set to Plug-in Window Focus Only.

This animation starts off with the MIDI Remote having Track focus and then Padshop gets selected and you can see the focus change to “Padshop” in the MIDI Remote display. Then I’m moving both knobs 1 & 2 on the nanoKontrol and neither is effecting the Padshop QCs but on the Track you can see its QC 1 changing.

MIDI Remote QC focus prob

I just noticed when I hover over a QC in the MIDI Remote GUI it indicates it’s for the Track (named “test loop”) while at the same time it shows the focus being Padshop.

Sorry Raino im not going to be much help here but this new system seems, unless you’re a programmer to make your own scripts it’s absolutely broken. If i get my knobs working the buttons stop working and so on , Parameters pick up 3 controls with one knob without assigning them, it’s broken to hell .

The other way to try and get your QC’s to work is with the 'insert parameter ’ and assign the parament top the knobs and then go to the plugin and select the parameter pages and 'learn ’ .
Ive asked for help and it all just gets ignored. It’s a clunky mess unless you’re a programmer writing the scripts

I could sort of understand if I was having a problem with something I created. But this was created by Steinberg.

I watched a few MIDI Remote how to videos and ended up yelling at the screen when Dom said for the 3rd or 4th time something like “it really is that easy”
No. It’s. Not.
No. It’s. Not.
No. It’s. Not.
No. It’s. Not.
No. It’s. Not.
No. It’s. Not.
No. It’s. Not.
No. It’s. Not.

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Yep , I’ve given up and I’m using the generic setup still, lost some functions on the CMC Qc , the remote app is to crudely implemented, i use Cubase to create music, not fight with perfectly working controllers for a day with no solution .
If they get it working by Cubase 15 then i might swap over but to me it’s just a programmer’s toy and gimmick that breaks my controllers . Ive tried Novation Zero , Beatsteps, Novation Sl 61 and STEINBERGS Cmc QC . I should think the CC121 users wont be happy if they are forced to move over .

Yeah, that’s why I purposefully waited to even look at MIDI Remotes so there would be folks who’d already figured out the tricky bits. I think I’ll edit the title to include “nanoKontrol” and maybe attract some more traffic.

In the mapping assistant, it looks like you’ve mapped to track quick controls (yellow), rather than ‘focused’ track controls (blue) - perhaps? - You may have even mapped to the channel quick controls.
Is it confusing having a million different “quick controls”? YOU BET! :slight_smile:

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That’s it. But to be clear I didn’t do anything. This was the stock script for the nanoKontrol that came with Cubase and Steinberg wrote it. You’d think since they are pushing Focus Quick Controls they would have at least used them on the handful of scripts they did create.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

Oh sorry, I didn’t pick up that this was a stock mapping.

Yes, it’s bizarre it’s not using the focused controls. Are there multiple pages on that script, perhaps? I see “Selected Track” is the current Mapping Page selected. It’s entirely possible there’s a page for focused controls.

In which case, I would expect the intended design would be to use this page for mapping parameters from multiple plugins on a track level.

Yeah, there are 3 pages but this is the only one that even includes Quick Controls. The other pages are for using it as a mixer & the EQ controls on the selected Track.