nanoKontrol2 configuration

So guys I give up,

after hours of trying, I’m officially too stupid to understand the 1000 forum posts and YT videos…

I’ve been trying for hours to get my NanoKontrol2 in DAW mode to run the faders and corresponding buttons (S/M/R) under Cubase 10.5 Pro. These are supposed to control the faders and buttons in the MixConsole accordingly.
Set up as both Generic Controller and Mackie and tried…except for the transport buttons, nothing really works.
I then tried to add the faders manually via Generic Controller → Learn, this also succeeds, but then the fader jumps directly from 0 to 127 and back…

I have attached a screenshot, vllt someone would like to have mercy again and give me a tip.

Thanks a lot


Set the Mackie Control only in Cubase. No Generic Remote in this case and only one Mackie Control Device, please.

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Thanks for the reply,

I deleted the generic controller and understand a little more about the Mackie protocol, the second Macki device is my midi controller (Hammer 88 Pro), it also has faders and knobs, that works fine.

But I also want to integrate my nanoKontrol into Cubase…the transport buttons work, but the faders and quick buttons don’t.

Any advice?


I did it! I deleted my remote device and added a second Macki Control device for my Nanokontrol.
It is very important that it is at the bottom from all other Mackie devices… because Cubase reads from the bottom up!

Thanks for the help!