Narrator text vertical positioning: inside staff (Feature request)

I am trying to make a setup for a narrator (free narration) (Ex.1).
text inside staff.dorico (859.2 KB)

In previous projects, I made all vertical adjustments of text (and eventually staff spacing for very large chunks of text) manually in Engrave mode, but I was searching for ways to center the text, independently from how many lines it has, in the middle of the staff, and having avoid collision active.

Setting the engraving options as in Ex. 2 the one line text is nicely centered on the staff (and I set it as Default Position to obtain this automatically). But if I use 2 lines text or more, it will extend on the bottom, because the global settings was for the one line text, and having avoid collision deactivated it also doesn’t create space with bottom staff.

My feature request (if this is technical possible) is to have an option for staff attached text to be placed Inside Staff (besides the current Above and Below), independently of how many lines it has, as is now possible with Lines (Ex.3). This would also have advantageously, the avoid collision active (because would be no need to set the engraving options as I have in Ex. 2)

I hope I explained my wish clearly. Any suggestions how to better implement this currently, or if the option Placement: inside staff could be added to Staff-attached text? Thank you!




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I think a better solution to this, long-term, would be for us to add dedicated features for handling narration in Dorico.


Thank you Daniel for your reply!

I am sure that, when the time will come, it will be amazingly implemented :slight_smile:

Depending on how else you need this Narrator staff to behave throughout the project, another option is to use markers on a timecode staff?

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Thank you @Lillie_Harris for this alternative option. I didn’t know/used the Markers before and I discovered their functionality thanks to your post!

Unfortunately there are some issue with using Markers text:

  1. It seems that the Marker text doesn’t support more than one line, as for example is the case with personalized Cues text that I use for Narrator Cues in Parts, in which I can insert a new-line-break to have multiple lines, using f.e. Keyboard Maestro “insert LineFeed” (see example below)

  2. The Marker staff has no Label and I don’t see an option to name/rename its Label

  3. The Marker staff is not present in the Manual Staff Visibility window, so is not possible to hide it in just instrumental passages

But the general look of Markers Text is really near of what I am looking for, and I will for sure find a usage for it. Thank you for your suggestion!

Example Narrator Cue:
example narrator & narr. cue.dorico (693.1 KB)