Nasty Audio driver error RTK

Can anyone help me?

I think Cubase 7.5.20 is having a problem with Realtek Audio driver.

This been the 3rd time (BSOD) this happen in a middle of my working not given even chance to save my projects.
picture attached bellow…:frowning:
I have a sony vaio and the latest audio drivers (Audio Driver (Realtek) - and running on windows 8.1

It’s so frustrating

PS: Does ASIO4ALL driver works under Windows 8.1?

Thank you.

Cubase (or any DAW) and realtek soundcard/drivers are never a good mix.

ASIO4all is pretty much your only hope without spending money, yes it can work with 8.1. (According google anyhow, I haven’t tried it myself)

A decent interface will be a better option both for stability and sound quality.

I do have m-audio interface which is pretty good. But I normally don’t take it with me when I go to a coffee shop to make music though.
I need ASIO for windows 8.1
Pls. Help.

Grim already answered your question above …

ASIO4All seen to be not supported for windows 8.1 yet.
And he haven’t tried it Denis.
Have you?

No I have a proper interfaceg - google it as Grim suggested.

Anybody else would have a better solution pls?
Cheers guys.

Is anyone successfully using ASIO4ALL Version 2.11 Beta 2 or any other version with WINDOWS 8.1?
I am having a BSOD (blue screen of death) with my current Audio Driver (Realtek) -

thank you

Why don’t you just try it for yourself…it certainly can’t be any worse than the realtek driver!!

Why are you using an onboard sound card? EVERYTHING in a professional DAW is risky using those. NOBODY recommends anyone use them.
Just buy a proper soundcard. There’s many out there and you’ll never have to use the realtek drivers again.
They’re cheap. The realteks are just really for games and Windows sounds and run most optimally at 48kHz.

I just wondered because I don’t want to be carrying my audio interface all over the places.
Coffe shop, library, friend’s house. U known what I mean?
At my home studio of course I use the interface but not outside. So in that case I may have to be carrying it around with all the time.
It’s sucks.
By the way it is a Sony Vaio Laptop. (Fit series)

So get a small second interface (perhaps UR22 or something similar) specifically for use underway. :wink:

They didn’t design Cubase for coffee shop use exactly. Doesn’t suck here. Never use coffee shops as they suck. :smiley: Shopping list: Audio interface plus small carry bag. Probably cost as much as 10 small coffees. :smiley:
Or open small coffee shop and get friends to come see you.

The latter idea appeals !

Sometimes ideas strikes anywhere. :wink:
please don’t be silly guys.
Let me say that all audio interface from the all world been DESTROYED by another galaxy’s power and I am just allow to use CUBASE WITH MY LAPTOP ONLY.
Is that would be possible with windows 8.1 without get BSOD because of my audio driver error?
Just pretend there is not audio interface in all planet, all galaxies and all universe. Got it.

Cheers for the funny side of it.

… and a quick google search of ASIO4All and Windows 8/8.1 found a whole bunch of links on getting it to work. So perhaps, check out some of these youtube vids and other threads …

Correct. Some people get it to work sometimes.
And if all the world’s soundcards had been destroyed there would be NO Cubase to use either. :mrgreen:

Ideas do strike anywhere. Lord help us! And Cubase doesn’t work…!!! That’s when the truly creative get creative. They do it using pencils and paper. Anything that works.
Not by writing to a forum to get a software designer to redesign their whole range just to suit the three guys who rely on batteries. :mrgreen: Yes, I’m not being totally serious about that. Just pointing out the other ways to think.
When stuff like ASIO4ALL goes wrong that’s when you learn that buying cheap means buying twice.

However, composing on the fly can be done by simpler DAWs than Cubase. Some extremely cheap and much more reliable on a travelling laptop. Cubase 7 is (especially the top range) definitely a bit top heavy for that. Even with a soundcard I’d expect the odd inconvenient crash now and again.
Truly portable Cubase would probably involve a few flight cases and a car. And a maintenance engineer. :sunglasses:
Nice little graphic Denis.

Ave Maria…
I give up on you guys.
Thank you all.

Would you buy a Porsche if the only roads you had to use were dirt roads?

well it would seem the bottom line here is…
realtek CANNOT be used for cubase.
asio4all is the ONLY solution ANYONE has ever created to date.
not many options.

1: downgrade your laptop to win7 and run asio4all
2: buy a usb powered 2 channel ASIO interface

3: there are no other solutions for mobile use as far as i know

you keep asking…we keep telling…you dont like the answers
::case closed::