Nasty bug found in 5.1

Dorico Version (Dec 13 2023)
Done something i dont normally do and managed to lose 2 hours work. (yes i know i should have kept hitting save) the autosave was over 2 hours old ( i need to make that more frequent but thats another issue…)
Its nothing illegal and a move that many users may use and i can replicate the fault demonstrated here everytime-

I can reproduce this. If the flow only has two bars - so the final bar is a whole rest - everything works fine for me. But if there is more than one empty bar at the end, selecting the part layout and attempting to drag notes vertically causes a crash.

At first, I could not reproduce this. I followed the steps in the video, but as soon as I selected the last note to drag it, the other notes all de-selected.

Next, I checked in Preferences to see if there were any editing settings which I could change. Once I had turned on the two options for Mouse Input (which I normally NEVER use), the crash occurred when I tried dragging the notes.

I don’t know if both need to be checked for the crash to occur or if only one of them is the culprit.

thanks for confirming this @Stephen_Taylor and @StevenJones01
It crashed for me using external mouse and track-pad on mac

Does it still crash for you if you disable the two options for mouse input shown in the screenshot?
I do not use mouse input as I find it too slow and inaccurate. However, some people use it a lot and prefer it.

if i disable, as shown, it does not crash.

But i wanted to adjust the pitch using mouse so therefore i would lose the designed functionality in order to avoid crashes. I am sure the software development team can fix this.

Thanks for reporting this. I can reproduce the issue and we’ll make sure it gets fixed as soon as possible.

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thanks, great support, as always!

Hello team and colleagues,

I can reproduce this crash on Windows 10 Pro 22H2 (the latest update).