Nasty Noise

Sometimes when the project is playing and I stop it or maybe edit something i get a nsaty glisch sound.
Sometimes the Audio Perfromance monitor hits the red as well.
The buffer is set to 256 and the Audio Performance meter is low (Between 10 and 20 % )
Is there any known cause for this to happen ?

I would get some nasty sounds when I had latency issues on my computer. Like you said the meter hits red sometimes, I suspect it is related to latency issues/your soundcard driver.

will it be better if you try to turn up the buffer? if the answer is yes I would look into running the program latency mon to see if you get any spikes in latency and try to update drivers for those

If i go up to 512 samples the input latency is 14ms and the output 15ms
Both latencymon and the Komplete Audio 6 software say everything is OK for audio.
The latancy for the pc is between 80 and 100 ms
Whats the highest amount of latency in and out can Cubase 10.5 handle as OK ?
All the articles i read are vague as to values

I’ve now noticed that when i stop start the project the Audio Performance Disk meter (Bottom meter) shoots to 100% (Red Lines) for an instant.

the lower the latency the better when recordings… otherwise it doesn’t really matter except you get a delay on stop and start equal to your latency.

Try to look at your power setting, make sure hard drives never go to sleep. also double check you have a good driver for your drive. if you have a m.2 disc make sure to install the manufacture driver over the windows version

Thanks Glenn,
I have 2 SSD drives what is a m.2 disc ?
I have a Asus Q170M-C MOBO but have just loaded the chipset drivers and the graphics

the new fast disc drives are called m2.

I found that when I used the Samsung driver it ran much better than when I used the Microsoft driver.

There might be some other things like USB stuff that causes these glitches. if it gets too annoying really the only thing is to remove and try what could be the problem