Native Instrument Absynth unusable with cubase pro 8?

I’m having a problem with NI Absynth, when I click on the tabs at the top of the plugin to choose effects, enveloppes, LFOs and so on, the plugin disappears :

When I untick “always on top” this doesn’t happen, but then when I click in the project window or the mixer the plugin disappears behind cubase.

Anyone having the same problem?

This is unusable, I’m back to cubase 7.5 for now :frowning: .

Windows 7 64 bits
Cubase Pro 8 64 bits

I am not having this issue. Using Absynth 5.2.1… Cubase 8 Windows 7 (up to date…)

I have experienced exactly the same issue, but with Reaktor 5. The new window system is really problematic at the moment, I hope they fix it in an update very soon.

Are you on the latest NI release? It works fine here on Win 8 and Win 7, on 2 PCs and 2 different laptops.

Thanks for your help guys. i wasn’t using the latest NI release, I was on Absynth 5.1.0 but everything was working fine in cubase 7.5.

Upgrading to v5.2.1 helped me getting rid of this problem so thanks.

However, I still get a glitch because when I click the tabs in the upper part of Absynth, part of the plugin window becomes blank and pretty big.

This is better than nothing, and the plugin is now usable, still not good for me, I hope SB fix this ASAP.

I will report this bug in other threads I’ve seen talking about this kind of problems.

I have the same Issue with the latest MASSIVE as well.
Same blank space.

I also have a Large lightly shaded square appearing beside the MASSIVE popup window that makes everything underneath it unclickable.
Maximizing the Cpro8 project window will make the lightly shaded area disappear temporarily. But when I click Browser or Attributes in MASSIVE the shaded area returns.

Try moving your Absynth and see if you can see a lightly shaded area about the same size as the window anywhere on your screen. Let me know what you find!

Hi fretthefret,

I tried but I don’t seem to have the problem your talking about. Oddly enough, I tried opening MASSIVE to see if I have the same kind of problem but it looks like everything is fine with Massive, tabs and dropdown menus look fine. I can’t confirm though because I only did a quick test. I will keep you in touch.

Good luck to solve your issue.

hmm … all normal here even clicking tabs.

Thanks Guys!

Solved the shaded box problem…
I’ve reinstalled MASSIVE with a fresh download from my N.I. account and the shaded area is gone.
The GUI whitespace issue like the one you’re experiencing with Absynth is still there.

For me the whitespace only occurs with AOT on while clicking through the Synth/Attributes/Browser tabs. Turn AOT off and it doesn’t happen, but I never turn AOT off.