Native Instrument integration

I have Komplete 10. I was away from my DAW (Pro 10) for a few months and now, my NI instruments wont load, except Kontakt 5.

Absynth, Massive, FM8 all indicate as installed but when I open a track and select the instrument, the dialog box says No VST Instrument.

Any ideas? I have reinstalled them multiple times with no changes. TIA

A couple of things.

Connect to a good strong internet connection first and check the ‘Native Access’ application to make sure the integrity of your NI plugins are o.k.

Or did you do this already and reinstalled plugins from there?

Check, the Cubase plugin blacklist to see if anything got onto that.

Make sure your Cubase VST plugin in path settings havnt changed.
VST PLUGIN manager/cog wheel at bottom.

Thank you ckon, did both of those things - installed via Native Access several times. They are installed and show up in the instrument list when I open an instrument track the dialogue box says No VST Instrument more info: In Plug-In Manager they are are grayed out - not in blacklist or instrument list- oddly enought Kontakt 5 is perfect but I really want to work with Absynth right now…

next, will uninstall and reinstall rather than reinstall only via Native Access…

BUMP: ckon, you were right, plug in manager lost the link to the NI products- they are all installed.


Enjoy Absynth again…an oldie but goodie.

LOVES it. Any chance you know how to record Reaktor 6 in Cubase?

Load up a reaktor synth ensemble and treat it like any other vsti synth. As long as the ensemble has inputs and outputs set you are good to go. Just ‘Render in place’ the Cubase instrument track for Reaktor.