Native Instruments and Kontact 6

Hi first of all I am 70 years old and still learning… I am using Cubase 11 Artist with windows 11.

I have Kontact 6 installed on my PC but when I load it into Cubase it will not open at all. The icon Edit Instrument is blue when I load Kontact and when I click on it it turns white and so on.

Kontact works in another Daw I use Studio One. Help would really be appreciated .

Can you post a screenshot of before and after clicking on it (showing as much of the channel/inspector as you can)?

Hi as it shows the edit button is already blue when I load Kontact normally it would be white.
When I press edit instrument it turns white however nothing happens.
Very Strange.
I have Ample Sound plugins which work perfectly.

The Kontact window is likely open and hiding somewhere. Here are few things to try and bring it to the foreground:

0 - Make sure the edit button is selected and its blue
1 - Look in the Window menu (at top) and see if there is an option that says “Windows…”. Open it and select the Kontact window, and then click “Bring to Front”.
2 - In the same Windows menu, see if there is an option to “Show Plug-in Windows”, or if it says Hide Plug-in Window (toggle that back and forth)?
3 - Right click in the Windows tool bar at the bottom of your screen and select Task Manager. Find the Cubase app running in the Process list, expand, see if Kontact is listed there, right click on an select bring to front.
4 - Hold down Alt. Tab on your keyboard. and look in the pop windows for Kontact.


Thanks for the information. I am afraid I have had no luck. I have however installed Ample Sounds AGT plugin and it works perfectly in Cubase 11. It is very strange so I can only assume it is an issue with Native Instruments Kontact. I appreciate your help. John

Just to mention, Cubase is not yet supported on Windows 11.
[EDIT] I stand corrected in the meantime …
The official compatibility list is here: Windows 11 product compatibility
I see that Cubase is now supported on Windows 11, but only from Cubase version 11.0.41